Tips For Making Attractive Curriculum Vitae


Searching for jobs today is extremely competitive in a ruthless environment.  Your Curriculum Vitea (CV) is considered one of the most important aspect of landing yourself a job. Take advantage of the following job hunting tips. Get the jump on your competitors and get your dream job.

Often hiring firms have hundreds of applications to sort through, so the time they can spend assessing each individual’s application is only a few minutes. This is why your CV has to stand out from the crowd. How the field is narrowed down from hundreds of applicants to only a few, is determined by the CV’s presented to them.

Recent studies have shown that applications are accepted or rejected based on the relevant work experience documented in the CVs. In addition to this, the layout of the application document, contributes significantly to the employers choice of candidates.

Here are 6 steps to creating a dynamic CV:

  • Stand Out  from the crowd
  • Be Concise
  • Be Relevant
  • Customize your CV to the job.
  • Showcase  your achievements
  • CV Gold

1. Be sure to make sure your CV stands out from the crowd. It needs to appeal to the reader, urging them to continue reading.

2. The content of your work experience needs to be relevant to the job you are applying for.

3. Make your CV concise. Time is money in business, and this is especially true for the employers evaluating all the CVs that have been submitted to them, time is important to them. If it is too long it may make it irrelevant. Show that you value and respect their time, by reflecting this in your CV containing only concise, relevant information.

4. Customize your CV to the job.  Some of your previous employment may not be relevant for the job you are applying for. Develop a number of CVs with different scopes, and choose the one must suited to the particular job interview. If none of your CV variations are appropriate, then create a new one that is. Failure to do this will give the impression that you can’t focus on a specialization.

5. Document your achievements, in a relevant manner and keep it factual. Don’t go over the top and try not to exaggerate. Don’t write about your weakness, they are not relevant to be displayed in this format.

6. Your CV will be a reflection of yourself. Your employer will see the time and effort you have put into your CV and thus assume you will apply the same amount of effort and dedication to the job.

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